What we do ?

We continuously collect real betting data both for pre-game and for in-running sports events from PinnacleSports.com and deliver them into more individualized and easy to understand historical visual content. You will have access to odds and lines movements for the main betting markets which relate to the final result of the event such as: match odds (money-line 1X2 or 12), Asian Handicap (AH) and Total Goals (Over and Under). We are tracking other betting related data such as: bookie margins, maximum stake allowed and equivalent double chances odds.

What is this site good for ?

Doing something with the collected data is the key. It's about the decisions that subsequently follow from actually interpreting the graphs of odds, lines or other betting related data in-time movements . That's typically what marketers do. Our site may help you taking decisions regarding "what to bet on ..." or "what to avoid bet on ...".

Who needs this site ?

Anyone who use betting market data charts for analytics and for decision making purpose to sharpen their wagers.