Suspicious tennis betting patterns and betting strategy alert

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The ATP World Tour 250 event, Winston-Salem Open is the last men’s tournament on the US Open Series prior to the US Open. It was on 20 August 2017 when the Brazilian tennis player Thiago Monteiro faced the Ukrainian Alexandr Dolgopolov on the main show court in the first round of the Winston-Salem Open. At that time, Dolgopolov was #63 ATP (former #13 ranking) while Monteiro was 114 ATP ranked. Pregame open odds offers were 1.26 for Dolgopolov and 4.21 for Monteiro, with little movements prior 2 hours before starting time. Then, for about 85 minutes, from 16:24 UTC to 17:49 UTC the moneyline odds for Monteiro to win the match dropped from 4.20 to 2.02 in about 20 steps (with possible profit decrease more than 66%) when at that time Pinnacle remove betting offers for this match. Pinnacle sportbook decreased the maximum stake (on Monteiro to win the match) from 2500 US$ to 1500 US$ in the (17:38 - 17:42) time UTC interval and the bettors had to re-bet several times if they wanted to bet more.

Odds changes

» Odds movement

In the sports betting market, the odds changes tell the game's life story from the bookmaker's point of view. The ability to decode the odds movements could be the key for betting success. There are differences between odds movements for pre-game and for in-running events because for live betting the odds depends by time passing too. Every bet involves risk, but any proven betting strategies might be improved to increase the odds of winning by capitalize the opportunities to enter a bet or to exit a bet if necessary by recognize signals from odds movements.

Sharpen your pregame football bets using betting data movements

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Sooner or later in every bettor's life, there is a time when questions like "Should I purchase betting picks" or "Should I follow that tipster" will need an answer. If the answer is yes, probably you are trying to follow a skilled tipster with genuine track record credibility. If you will bet blind, you should have almost the same track profit record as the tipster itself. Is it possible that we could sharpen the original tipster's picks record ? Sport betting case study: How to improve the betting service provider's performance through pregame betting data movements and patterns ?

Building betting football patterns from suspicious matches

» Suspicious matches

Every genuine bookmaker has an inside team of professionals to look out for "abnormal betting behavior" and have the betting risk management market under control. This is when unusually large amounts of money are punted, or when the betting pattern is heavily skewed towards one side. This is a tell-tale sign that something may be going on. So the bookmakers have to take measures to prevent themselves from falling victims to match-fixers. The first thing they usually do is to lower the odds and then to raise the bookie margin. Sometimes the bookies might limit the maximum stake to a smaller amount than they usually accept for that particular league. There are positions when some of them stopped accepting bets anymore on specific games, especially on games from the lower leagues in many countries at the end of the football season.